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We are glad to announce our capability to supply qualified workers on multiple fields. We have flexible approach to solving your requirements and supporting you in the development of your human capital

Database of our agency includes more then 10000 qualified and non-qualified people looking for job, as we provide selection of rather wide range of workers: check and confirm their personal and professional skills, recommendations from former employers, level of foreign (English,German,Norwegian) language knowledge.

At present moment in our database we have workers who’ve already spent periods as employee in European companies. They of course have the necessary certifications and references from European employers.

Our foreign partners and clients mainly represented by Eurpoean  industrial, business companies and recruiting agencies and we are still interested in finding new reliable and long-term partners in Europe. We hope that will create new possibilities and perspectives for developing different cooperation programs and projects in the field of employment.

"Jobcenter LT" Ltd workforce is focused every day on finding the right person to support our partners and clients - wherever they have needs and wherever they are located.

Let us partner with you to find the right people to grow your business!

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