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Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania

Do you wish to receive a Residence Permit in Lithuania or to start your own business in the country? Are you interested in other migration matters, Schengen visa or an invitation letter for your arrival to Lithuania?

Call our consultant, and we will help you in a quick and cheap manner.

Our services include three main steps:

Temporary Residence Permit in Lithuania

1.      Establishment of a company in Lithuania (from A to Z). We take care of everything ourselves, including a registered address and bringing in of an authorised capital for the period required for establishment of your company and opening of a bank account. We also make your company’s seal and register it in all the required institutions. We offer assistance in dealing with the accounting matters as well.

2.      We can help you receive a company registration address in Vilnius or another city of Lithuania. (To declare place of residence in Lithuania).

3.      We can gather all the necessary documents and fill in all the required papers and applications. Then we present them to the Migration Service and control the course of events until you receive a Residence Permit in Lithuania.

Permanent Residence Permit in Lithuania

Have you decided to connect your future with Lithuania for a longer period of time?

We will help you obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in Lithuania.

We will prepare all the documents required for this matter.

We will represent your interests in the Migration Service during the entire process of obtaining of the Residence Permit in Lithuania.

Visas/Schengen States

All types of visas within the shortest period of time. Fast and low-cost service.

All the visa receipt procedures are simplified to a maximum.

We work without mediators via the embassies of most of the countries directly.

Special service for those wishing to save time: we will arrive ourselves to collect your documents and bring them back to you together with a visa within the maximally short period of time.

Invitation Letters for Arrival to Lithuania

We are always happy to have visitors, therefore we will help you with pleasure to arrange an invitation letter for your arrival to Lithuania (both for legal and natural persons).

Citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania/Reinstatement of Lithuanian Citizenship

Our lawyers possess experience in solving these issues, and are always ready to undertake such complex problems as reinstatement or obtaining of citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania. You can fully trust them – they will not disappoint you.

Registered Address/Virtual Office

We are always ready to help you and your company to receive a registered address in Lithuania.

Prices – from LTL 300.

Are you not spending a lot of time in Lithuania and do not need a permanent office? Then the virtual office service is a right solution for you:

Registered address;

Mail box;

Telephone abonnement; fax; e-mail address.

A secretary keeping in touch with your clients.

We will find the service package, which is right for you.

Prices – from LTL 50 per month.

Send your orders to our e-mail address:

Or call at: +370 604 28 567+370 68618228